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Lifestyle Gallery

  1. Lifestyle Gallery 33
    Lifestyle Gallery 33

    Have your own little “piece of heaven” with our Nest Sectional covered in Moonstone for Emporium Home by Ashley Childers. Moonstone is our signature textured fabric in icy blue. Durable yet elegant, this fabric allows a family to live comfortably and stylishly.

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  2. Lifestyle Gallery 32
    Lifestyle Gallery 32

    Europeans have been fascinated with Chinese art and design since Marco Polo first ventured to the Far East. Today, we carry the tradition further with our magnificent golden dragon stately presented on an entryway console. With 3 finishes available, one is sure to complement your home interior!

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  3. Lifestyle Gallery 31
    Lifestyle Gallery 31

    This Emporium Home leopard pillow takes center stage and commands attention. The pillow cover is made of real animal fur and is filled with luxurious down and feathers. All our pillows are zippered for easy care and cleaning.

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  4. Lifestyle Gallery 30
    Lifestyle Gallery 30

    Design Tip - When grouping accessories, the rule of thumb is odd numbers. Select accessories to complement your room by grouping in sets of 3 or 5. This Emporium home Apollo Chest is set with 3 accessories demonstrating the golden rule.

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  5. Lifestyle Gallery 29
    Lifestyle Gallery 29

    Happiness is a beautiful room when it is comfortable and inviting! And who wouldn’t be delighted in this bright and cheerful room that is so sophisticated and fresh? Ashley Childers designs Emporium Home so family and friends may be enjoyed, celebrated and entertained in comfortable beautiful spaces.

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  6. Lifestyle Gallery 28
    Lifestyle Gallery 28

    Contrast and color make a bold statement on this Emporium Home Nest Sectional Sofa. Linen throw pillows in a variety of colors and sizes allow you to create your own personal environment. Our throw pillows are beautiful as well as comfortable and luxurious.

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  7. Lifestyle Gallery 27
    Lifestyle Gallery 27

    Set off your room with these unique pillows designed by Ashley Childers for Emporium Home. Rich in textures and colors, Ashley designs each pillow to stand alone. The first pillow, appropriately named Velvet Smoke, is in the foreground and the Inkblot throw pillow in Thistle is in the background.

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  8. Lifestyle Gallery 26
    Lifestyle Gallery 26

    Create your own home spa with tranquility and serenity. William D Scott and Emporium Home offer an array of accessories suited to complement every room. Imagine soaking in this grand bathtub surrounded by our beautiful things and enjoying your favorite book or drink. Martini anyone?

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  9. Lifestyle Gallery 25
    Lifestyle Gallery 25

    Dinner is served! Entertain your family and friends with elegance and sophistication with our Emporium Home Flute Dining Table collection. Offered in 28 different configurations to be the perfect fit for your home.

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  10. Lifestyle Gallery 24
    Lifestyle Gallery 24

    Make a personal statement with art. Our Emporium Home “Moth” print is handsomely matted and framed to give your home a curated look. Add distinction and elegance with a youthful and contemporary point of view with our well-designed artwork.

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  11. Lifestyle Gallery 23
    Lifestyle Gallery 23

    Take a seat! This room setting easily enables great get-togethers and intimate conversations. Multiple seating options are provided with occasional chairs, ottomans (which may also be used as coffee tables) and sectional seating.

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  12. Lifestyle Gallery 22
    Lifestyle Gallery 22

    Add comfort and drama with throw pillows from the Emporium Home collection. Designed specifically to coordinate with our color palettes, these pillows will look great in any room setting. Each pillow is filled with a blend of down and feathers providing the ultimate in luxury.

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  13. Lifestyle Gallery 21
    Lifestyle Gallery 21

    Need a quick and impactful change to your room? Throw pillows are the perfect accessory to add immediate visual appeal. Emporium Home pillows can easily and inexpensively update the style of any room with color, dash, and comfort. Use individually or in multiples.

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  14. Lifestyle Gallery 20
    Lifestyle Gallery 20

    We created our own ‘glass menagerie’ with Italian handcrafted ceramic animals. Used in a grouping or individually, these denizens of the wild are sure to delight the eye. This collection contains 5 animals and is available in 2 finishes.

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  15. Lifestyle Gallery 19
    Lifestyle Gallery 19

    The Wave Bowls create a dynamic and dramatic flair to this room setting. Easily displayed on a tabletop or as wall décor, they may be the finishing touch in completing a room. Available in 3 sizes and 2 finishes.

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  16. Lifestyle Gallery 18
    Lifestyle Gallery 18

    This room features the Emporium Home Diana sofa covered in Mixology Crystal. The hair on hide ottoman easily provides extra seating or a place to set a tray. The accessories add color and texture. Imagine curling up with a book on a quiet afternoon and enjoying the view.

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  17. Lifestyle Gallery 17
    Lifestyle Gallery 17

    The foyer sets the tone for your home – and this setting is certainly inviting. The handmade porcelain lamp with 24 karat gold accents is made in Portugal exclusively for Emporium Home. All our products are designed in-house – and are made around the world by talented artisans able to transform ideas into wonderful products for you, our customers, through William D Scott.

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  18. Lifestyle Gallery 16
    Lifestyle Gallery 16

    Made by Italian artisans, this pedestal bowl is perfect for entertaining at home. In keeping with the quality, real 24 karat gold highlights the stem. Food safe and functional, it can be used for fruit, salads, and desserts or to hold flowers and floating candles.

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  19. Lifestyle Gallery 15
    Lifestyle Gallery 15

    This special pillow is handmade and hand-beaded by artisans employing great skill and craftsmanship. The contrast of the natural linen against the ornate pattern adds texture and stimulates the eye. We can’t resist the luxury and glamour of our hand-beaded pillows in an array of colors and sizes. Please see our entire collection within.

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  20. Lifestyle Gallery 14
    Lifestyle Gallery 14

    Create pleasing symmetry by pairing decorative pillows together. The classical elements of symmetry are interpreted in a fresh and youthful fashion in our room setting. Use different patterns in the same color and texture to make a serene environment.

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  21. Lifestyle Gallery 13
    Lifestyle Gallery 13

    An endless array of combinations can be created with these Leo Pendant fixtures. Hung individually or collectively, these natural quartz pendants create warmth and add style to any home. Imagine these over a kitchen island or in a powder room flanking a mirror. We have created a magical canopy with these in our stairwell. Available in 2 sizes.

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  22. Lifestyle Gallery 12
    Lifestyle Gallery 12

    Cocktails become even more special when served from the Baxter Bar Cabinet designed by Ashley Childers for Emporium Home. Offered in 3 finishes, the cabinet has glass shelves and a mirrored back allowing the interior lighting to highlight your bar essentials. Elegant, practical, and versatile, this bar cabinet is a winner!

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  23. Lifestyle Gallery 11
    Lifestyle Gallery 11

    An apple a day…as the saying goes! These green apples are especially appealing in the Emporium Home Flute Footed Bowl. Made in Portugal especially for us, this bowl has companion pieces to create a full collection. Used individually or grouped, these pieces will add texture and elegance to your home.

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  24. Lifestyle Gallery 10
    Lifestyle Gallery 10

    Influenced by abstract geometry this Emporium Home Matrix Cabinet will anchor any room. From the dining room to the bedroom, this multipurpose 2-piece cabinet provides storage and functionality. The eglomise mirrored panel doors add reflectivity and glamour to this fabulous cabinet.

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  25. Lifestyle Gallery 9
    Lifestyle Gallery 9

    Mantle pieces command accessories that express your distinct point of view. We chose these very special ceramic animal figures from Italy to express ours. Whimsical and sophisticated describe this collection. Available in 2 finishes and each figure sold individually.

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  26. Lifestyle Gallery 8
    Lifestyle Gallery 8

    Reach out and touch! Can’t you almost feel the texture on these throw pillows by Emporium Home? Crafted with natural materials and filled with luxurious down and feathers, these pillows add comfort and practicality. Make a statement and add appeal to your room with accessories from William D Scott.

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  27. Lifestyle Gallery 7
    Lifestyle Gallery 7

    Contrast and texture come to life when the Wave Bowls in Hematite are set atop the Leila Cocktail Table in Bone by Emporium Home. The Wave Bowls are offered in 2 finishes and the Leila collection includes a matching console. The combinations are endless.

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  28. Lifestyle Gallery 6
    Lifestyle Gallery 6

    Welcome home! The Bone Burst Chest by Emporium Home is the focal point of this foyer. While it provides drawers for storage it makes a statement about your personality and style. This is a signature piece designed for the collection by Ashley Childers. Add William D Scott accessories and lighting to complete the look.

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  29. Lifestyle Gallery 5
    Lifestyle Gallery 5

    The Emporium Home Billingsley Desk in cream and gold give new meaning to ‘home office’. This desk can also serve as a vanity for the lady of the house. Work becomes a pleasure in an office environment surrounded by the things you love. Indulge in luxury as you work from home.

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  30. Lifestyle Gallery 4
    Lifestyle Gallery 4

    Add the Midas touch with accents that shine and shimmer. The Emporium Home Quartz Stud End Tables with antique mirrored tops add elegance and glamour to this living room. The Tulip Floor Lamp in satin brass with natural quartz adds light but also serves as a sculptural element to the vignette.

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  31. Lifestyle Gallery 3
    Lifestyle Gallery 3

    For years, famous chefs have taught us that presentation is the key ingredient for successful entertaining. Family and friends will delight when dining on this Emporium Home Tallulah Dining Table accompanied by these Grace Dining Chairs. Why not make every meal a special event?

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  32. Lifestyle Gallery 2
    Lifestyle Gallery 2

    Ta-dah! William D Scott and Emporium Home decorative accessories and wall décor bring a room to life. Each is highly refined and curated. Can you image this room without these extraordinary finishing touches?

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  33. Lifestyle Gallery 1
    Lifestyle Gallery 1

    Fresh, young and bright, describe this inspiring room ensemble from the Emporium Home collection. Designed with signature Emporium Home pieces this room reflects today’s elegant but casual lifestyles. Imagine yourself within this setting celebrating special occasions and creating joyous memories.

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