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Fabric Cutting and Application:

Fabric is cut either on the Horizontal or Vertical. • Horizontal is “topped” to the edge of the fabric (see the drawing to the left below) • Vertical is “topped” into the roll (see the drawing to the right below)

All COM will be cut with the major motif in a vertical manner, including stripes and textures, unless the Buyer specifies otherwise on the Purchase Order and the COM/COL tag.

Fabric Selection and Yardage:

The Buyer is responsible for the suitability, wear-ability, safety, and fire code validity of the COM/COL. Fabric backing and repellency treatment must be applied before COM/COL is sent to the William D Scott Atelier. William D Scott warranties do not extend to COM/COL.

William D Scott will inspect COM/COL, trim, and/or cords for mill imperfections however William D Scott is not responsible for defects, color inaccuracies, or other flaws. All fabric defect related claims are the sole responsibility of the Buyer and COM/COL vender.

Yardages indicated in the William D Scott price list are for plain 54” wide fabrics. Fabrics with widths less than 54” and/or pattern repeats greater than 2” will require extra yardage as indicated in the following table:

Fabric Width 0”-2” 3”-6” 7”-14” 15”-20” 21”-27” Over 27”
54” 0% 10% 20% 25% 30% 40%
50” 10% 15% 30% 40% 45% 50%
45" - 48” 25% 30% 40% 45% 50% 55%
36” 60% 65% 80% 90% 100% 105%


For one repeating motif centered on the width of the fabric, use the percentage for 36” width. For quilted COM, please add 15% additional yardage. Plaids are not recommended on barrel back chairs where the outside arms are seamed together.

Repeat Pattern Examples:

1. Identical patterns on the sides and in the middle.
2. Identical patterns. One side is positioned half a pattern lower than the other.
3. Identical patterns on the same level.
4. Identical patterns. Each pattern is positioned a full pattern lower than the other.

This information is intended as guide only. There will be some cases, due to unusual repeats or designs, when additional yardage will be required.


Due to the natural variations of each top grain leather hide, no two pieces will be exactly alike in color, texture, or markings. A single hide will absorb the dye in varying amounts; therefore, color shading is expected. This explains why the arms of furniture may be lighter or darker than the back or cushions. Hides lighter in color will show shading variations more than hides that are darker in color. William D Scott will make its best effort to match hides for color consistency however, a perfect color match is unattainable due to the nature of top grain leather.

Each hide of leather has been touched by nature in its own unique way. One can expect markings such as barbed wire nicks, insect bites, healed scars, and wrinkles to be visible on leather furniture. These marks are not considered defects. These marks are inherent characteristics of full top grain leathers that should be appreciated for their natural beauty.

Due to the irregularity of leather hides, sectional sewing or seams will be applied at William D Scott’s discretion in the event that the size of the hide is insufficient to cover the entire upholstered surface. Headboards, in particular, will have seams when covered in leather due to the large surface area to be covered. Button tufting on leather headboards will not be accepted unless pre-approved.

Nail Heads:

Placement of Buyer provided nail heads on upholstered items may incur a surcharge based on the product type. A dining chair may take 250 nail heads whereas a sofa may take up to 1500 nail heads depending on the nail head size. Please contact Customer Service for a quote.

Requests for Excess COM/COL:

Requests for excess COM/COL on a Buyer’s Purchase Order will be included on the Order Confirmation. Excess COM/COL will be returned with the item produced. If the Order Confirmation does not include the request, excess COM/COL will be returned if it is available. All costs will be covered by the Buyer.

Other COM/COL Issues:

COM/COL deemed to have defects will be returned. A “Return Authorization” will be requested from the Buyer and the COM/COL will be returned freight collect. This will ensure proper return routing of COM/COL.

Procedures for COM/COL:

1. Complete a COM/COL Tag for each item providing specific instructions on the placement of your COM/COL. Be very detailed and provide a drawing as a reference if needed.
2. Place COM/COL orders with suppliers as soon as the Order Acknowledgement is received from William D Scott.

  • a. All yardage requirements are approximate as they may vary due to fabric layout, the design of the item to which it is applied, or the quantity of items being ordered.
  • b. In the case of unusual repeats or design, please contact Customer Service to determine whether a full width sample is required to provide a more accurate determination.
  • c. Ask suppliers to include a copy of the completed COM/COL tag in each roll of fabric shipped to the William D Scott Atelier.
  • d. Confirm with the supplier that taxes and duties associated with the fabric are prepaid. The William D Scott Atelier is unable to accept shipments requiring COD payment of these fees.
  • e. Fax or email a copy of completed COM/COL tags to Customer Service to assist in the identification of the COM/COL when it arrives at the William D Scott Atelier.
  • f. Notify William D Scott Customer Service in writing if COM/COL changes are made.
    3. All COM/COL should be rolled on a fabric tube. Folding fabrics and leather may cause irreparable harm rendering COM/COL unusable.
    4. If COM/COL is not received within 4 weeks of Order Confirmation, a storage fee may be assessed. Storage fees are $10 per business day per item.
    5. If COM/COL is not received within 8 weeks of Order Confirmation, items will be upholstered in muslin and shipped to the destination warehouse for the Buyer to arrange COM/COL application locally. Pricing will be adjusted to include storage charges and to account for muslin upholstery.

    Download form:

    William D Scott COM/COL Upholstery Tag

    COM/COL Ship to Address:

  • William D Scott
    c/o COM Department
    7301 Ambassador Row
    Dallas, TX 75247



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